Sunday School

Welcome to the Lebanon God’s Missionary Church’s Sunday School Ministry! We are a bit different than most churches in that we have a Bus Ministry that integrates a large number of community children and adults as part of this outreach. We have four buses with bus captains, drivers, and helpers. The children and adults who ride the buses receive a cookie and drink on the way to church, and a snack on the way home. Although this changes the dynamic of the average Sunday School experience, we believe it is important to sow the seed of the gospel in our community.
Noah’s Ark Nursery – This happy and cheerful class, held by Brenda Habecker, is specifically for infants up to 15 months. The nursery is equipped with rockers, cribs, swings, bouncy seats, and toys. This is also the area reserved for nursing mothers.
Toddlers – Miss Melissa Clarke directs the learning for the 15 months to 3-year-old children. This class has fun play time but also some structured learning where the children learn songs, listen to interactive Bible stories, and then have a snack.
Pre-school – Mrs. Carol Kratz is the lead teacher for this energetic class! Songs, stories, memory verses, and play time keep the children interested and coming back for more!
Kindergarten & First Grade – Mrs. Paula Habecker is the lead teacher for this class. They memorize scripture, and learn exciting Bible stories!
Second Grade – Joslyn Habecker and Crystal Behm lead this class in songs, stories, and character building activities! The children have enjoyable lessons using Discipleland materials – Discovering God’s Greatness! This year, your children will acknowledge God – as Lord of heaven and earth. Kids will experience God’s view of family, work, worship, and community. Join a Bible-times family and discover what living in God’s world was like 2,000 years ago!
Third Grade – Mrs. Alicia Habecker and Mrs. Esther Shenk lead these eager students using Discipleland materials – Treasuring the Bible. This year, your children will embrace the Bible – as God’s inspired and authoritative message for everyone. Kids will cultivate a deep appreciation for the richness and power of Scripture; and the Bible will become their lifelong companion. Depend on the rock-solid Bible for God’s guidance!
Fourth Grade – Mrs. Sheri Sherman teaches this class using Discipleland materials – Serving the King. This year, your children will affirm Jesus Christ—as personal Savior and Lord over all. Kids will explore every event in the Gospels: Jesus’ messages, miracles, passion, and triumphant resurrection. Travel in the Holy Land alongside the Man who changed the course of human history!
Fifth Grade – Mrs. Connie Cyphers challenges these students to learn using Discipleland materials – Transforming the World. This year, your children will encounter the Church – as God’s instrument to influence the future. Kids will experience the Book of Acts and relive episodes of Christians who revolutionized the first century. Prepare to transform the twenty-first century with the Good News about Jesus!
Sixth Grade – Mr. Lance Shuey leads this class into exciting adventures using Discipleland materials – Following the Faithful. This year, your children will embrace God’s kingdom – as His magnificent plan for all eternity. Kids will view God’s plan for the ages and be challenged to walk in the footsteps of Bible champions. Enter the “hall of faith” to meet godly men and women who illumined dark corners of history!
Seventh Grade – Mrs. Candi Gattone enjoys teaching her students using Discipleland materials – Walking with God. This year, your children will celebrate discipleship – as God’s blueprint for victorious living. Take up Jesus’ challenge to count the costs and experience the joys of being His disciples!
Eighth Grade – Twelfth Grade (Crossroads) – This class is led by Pastor Joel Sickler for junior and senior high school students.  With praise and worship time, exciting youth-related themes, and interactive lessons, the teens are encouraged to know Christ, grow in their spiritual walk, and to process life with a Christian World View.
Bridge Class (20’s – 30’s) – This class is led by one of our young adults. Interesting studies are done together and challenges are given to these young adults to draw them closer to God and to each other.
New Converts – Mr. Leonard Raub teaches this class – leading those new in the Lord into a better understanding of the Christian faith.
Chapel – The chapel is located in our education wing and is designed to resemble a small church feel – complete with congregational singing, a special song, and a Biblical message, usually from one of our pastors. The service is held during Sunday School and is generally attended by our bus adults.
Adult Sunday School Class – This class is held in the Main Sanctuary and is taught by a competent team of rotating teachers, Mr. Larry Shuey, Mr. Wilbur Byler, and Mr. Paul Bell. This traditional style class includes a congregational song and lessons from Herald and Banner Press publications.
Kingdom Builders – Our elective Sunday School class is held in the church library and is led by Mr. Robbie England. This is a small group format with class interaction and a variety of relevant Christian Living topics.